Payment Policies

1. Half of the total price must be paid in advance at any time after making the reservation

2. Reservation can be cancelled for free at least 10 days before the arrival date.

3. From the ninth day if you cancel your reservation, you must pay 50% of the total.

4. If the client does not show up on the reserved date, 100% will be charged

5. Children from 0 to 4 years do not pay for lodging and pay half of the food.

6. Children from 4 to 8 years pay half of the lodging and the total of the food.

7. From the age of 9 they pay the total price.

8. Pets are not allowed in the project because they disturb the local fauna

9. Guides and drivers must pay for meals; discounts may be negotiated depending on the number of customers that come in the group.

10. Guides and drivers can stay for free as long as we have space, if there is no space they should sleep in a tent.

11. The 13% taxes must be added to the final lodging price if you need the bill

12. Prices will be lower after negotiation for groups of 10 and more people.

13.If they are Costa Rican tourists, they can also have a lower price after negotiation.

Bank information:

Banco Nacional

BAC Credomatic

Rebeca Quirós Herrera

Rebeca Quirós Herrera

200-02-000-705359-8 USD

200-01-115-001571-1 Colones

704040419 USD

704040401 Colones

CR 4601 5100 0200 2705 3597 USD

CR 2101 5111 5200 1001 5713 Colones

CR 1001 0200 0070 4040 4193 USD

CR 0901 0200 0070 4040 4017 Colones

PayPal: tamanduadrake@gmail.com

Website: www.tamanduacr.com

Facebook: Tamandua Biological Station and Apartamentos Caligo de Osa

Instagram: tamandua_biological_station

Email: tamanduadrake@gmail.com

Phone numbers: +506 6131 2708, +506 2775 1456, +506 8616 4682