Useful indications

How to get?

By car from San Jose you can take the Inter-American Highway or the Costanera highway, 6 to 8 hours approximately to Drake Bay. At the last part there are river crossings and big hills, this way is recommended only during dry season.

By bus from San Jose: take TRACOPA bus to Palmar Norte, then take a taxi to Sierpe where there are 2 daily boats to Drake Bay, one at 11:30 am and the second at 3:30 pm. There is a direct bus from San Jose to Sierpe at 8:30 and it arrives on time to take the afternoon boat.

 By plane with SANSA whose terminal is next to the Juan Santa Maria international airport, just 40 min to get to the Drake Bay airport and from there approximately 40 minutes by taxi to our place.

From Agujitas town in Drake Bay, we are located approximately 20 minutes by car or quad. Transportation must be coordinated before, especially when it rains, because the road is difficult, with big hills and 5 river crossings. If you are planning to arrive with your own car it is recommended not to come at night and ask before how the road is.

What to bring?

Light clothing, flash light, water shoes or rubber boots, walking shoes, rain coat during the rainy season and insect repellent.

What do we have?

We have electricity by solar panels, during the rainy season it is very limited. It is possible to recharge cameras and cell phones. There is not electricity at the rooms, just at the main dining room

There is cellular signal just at the lookout point located 15 min from the station.

We have a freezer to cool drinks and others.

 We have towels, soaps and sheets.

We don’t have hot showers


Venomous snakes are abundant in this place, it is important to always use the flash light and shoes for walking in the vicinity of the facilities especially at night when the snakes are more active.

Bungalows are closed with sieve around the windows and if the door remains closed, do not usually enter insects. But there is always the possibility that some creature can enter (ants, spiders, scorpions, etc.). It is also recommended to check shoes before putting them on as some insect can get inside.

 There is a small clinic in Agujitas, the schedule is from Monday to Friday, form 7 am to 4 pm. Outside these hours the doctor is not always available. The closest hospitals are at Puerto Jimenez (2.5 hours) and Ciudad Cortes (3 hours).

 If you suffer from any illness or if you are a senior we recommend that you do not stay in this place.